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Mrs. Davis 1st Grade Class
This story will contain many ideas of what goes on in a 1st Grade Classroom. You will also discover an engaged lesson on using a map.  If you are using a smart board you will have special directions provided in a PDF file.
The Opera House Mouse Animated story about a mouse who lived in the opera house - Primary
Birds in the Band Animated Rap story about musical instruments - Primary
Donkey Jack Animated story: When his animals go missing, Donkey Jack looks high and low for them. You'll never guess where he finds them. - Primary
The Frog Princess Animated story : Joy just gets it wrong, and wrong, and wrong again during her misadventures at summer school. - Primary
If Only I Were…. Animated story: Everyone loves a little dressed up mouse. Well, everyone except the mouse!  - Primary
Jungle Eyes Animated story: Read stories within stories. Click on the pairs of eyes peering from the jungle. Each pair has its own story. - Primary
MacMighty Animated story: Discover what adventures this cat had to go through to get his unique name. - Primary
Headin’ South Animated story: An iceberg is no place for this bird! Sing along as it heads south for the winter – Primary
Calico Pie Animated story: The birds and the beetles all go away, and so do the fish in the sea. But do they ever come back? – Primary
Eeensy Weensy Spider Animated story: Sing along to this classic nursery rhyme. – Primary
Meet the Author Learn more about popular children’s authors and illustrators
Little Red Riding Hood The tale of Little Red Riding Hood is presented as an interactive story which allows the user to choose an ending.
3 Billy Goats Gruff Interactive story
Goldilocks and the 3 Bears Interactive story
Chinese Fables Several online storybooks of fables– Primary Level
Fiction & Nonfiction Several online storybooks – Primary Level
Folktales Several online storybooks of folktales – Primary Level
Greek Myths Online story books about Greek myths – Primary Level
Screen Actor’s Guild On line streaming video program featuring SAG members reading children’s books aloud.  Has accompanying activities and lesson ideas. - Primary/Intermediate Level
Three Little Plays Online storybook plays – Primary Level
Activity for Hansel and Gretel Interactive Design your own gingerbread house – Primary Level
Bug Buzz Grasshopper Illustrated/Animated book that gives information about grasshoppers - Primary/Intermediate Level
Clifford Stories Several interactive Clifford stories with games – Primary Level
How Mona Lisa Got Her Smile Illustrated/Animated book – Primary/Intermediate Level
I Sail the Seas Music Cartoon Video that talks about the life of a pirate – Primary Level
In the Autumn Storybook about Autumn – Primary Level
Oops, I Made a Mistake Music Cartoon Video that explains what to do when you make a mistake – Primary Level
Pirates Meet Jekyll and Hyde Illustrated/Animated book – Primary/Intermediate Level
The Wise Old Woman
[Read the Story]
Introduction/background and Folktale from Japan -Primary/Intermediate Level- Primary/Intermediate Level
You’re Adorable Music Cartoon Video that gives synonyms for adorable using the ABCs – Primary Level
And the Caboose Said Illustrated/Animated book – Primary Level
Dinosaur Horn Illustrated/Animated book – Primary Level
Groundhog Day Illustrated/Animated book about Punxsutawney Phil and a possum– Primary  Level
metamorphosis Music Cartoon Video explaining the butterfly cycle – Primary Level
The Run-Amuck Pigbot Illustrated/Animated book – Primary/Intermediate Level
February Fun Facts PDF File – printable story book – Primary
Hercules Read the story, rewrite the story, retell by sequencing
King Arthur Read the story, rewrite the story, retell by sequencing
Leprechaun’s Lucky Day PDF File – printable story book – Primary
Orange Pumpkin, Orange Pumpkin, What Do You See? PDF File – Halloween Story – Primary
Summer’s Coming PDF File – printable story book – Primary
A Snowy Day PDF File – printable story book – Primary
What Will I Be? What would you like to be when you grow up?
Record Breaker Story about a little girl trying to break a world record.
Eric The Engine See how Eric saves the day! – Primary
Goldilocks and the 3 Bears British version of the classic fairytale
Golidlocks Music Video about Goldilocks
Superhero High Where do superheros go to school?
The Marathon The history of the marathon
Elements of a Story Teaches elements of a story ( gr. 2-5)